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This suite of leadership development programs is designed to put the middle manager in the driver’s seat and enable them to move from a middle to senior leadership position. 

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Creating the Leading Advantage – Foundation Program

Creating the Leading Advantage offers four core features:

  1. Leading self – self evaluation, self management and building your vision for leadership
  2. Understanding others -  reading behaviour, understanding intentions, responding to intentions, maintaining authenticity
  3. Leading through relationship – persuasion, improving engagement, building team spirit
  4. Leadership in action – enacting your vision, staying connected in difficult times, expanding your capacity

Each of these features is developed through a process that will allow continuous self improvement well after the program has finished.   
2 day intensive with a follow-up workshop:  Aug 31st/September 1st , Meridian Hotel, North Adelaide.

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Building the Leading Advantage – Enhancement Program

  1. Leadership in action – engaging with the vision of others, building a combined vision,
  2. Leading through relationship – enhancing capacity, building autonomy and providing direction
  3. Leadership through tasks and meetings  - project management - change agency – consensus building , decision making
  4. Leadership through structures and processes – shaping procedures to maximise engagement, harnessing initiatives and building in continuous improvement

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Excelling with the Leading Advantage – Leading for Leadership 

  1. Leading through purpose - strategic planning and development – vision building,
  2. Leading in chaos - expanding capacities, harnessing potential, setting limits 
  3. Leading learning organisations - setting benchmarks, developing knowledge strategy
  4. Leading  change – reshaping the organisation,  the people and the procedures

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